Virtually everyone in our society needs credit and uses credit on a regular basis. With respect to the use of credit, our three goals are:

  • Provide access to credit to ALL members
  • Reward members who have excellent credit ratings with exceptional loan rates
  • Help ALL members gain greater access to credit at the most favorable rates possible

Vehicle Loans
Whether you plan to buy a new or used vehicle, the first step should be the same— get pre-approved by the credit union first.

By getting us involved early in the process, you will know how much to spend, what payment fits your budget, what your trade-in is worth and how much you should pay for the vehicle you are buying. These things help you get a better deal and save money.

  • Finance up to 100% of the MSRP or used car’s value at our competitive standard rates
  • When needed, finance up to 125% of    retail value at slightly higher rates
  • Loan terms up to six years, depending on the year of the vehicle
  • Get payment flexibility by choosing monthly or biweekly payments through payroll deduction, automatic transfer from your checking or savings account or get a payment coupon book
  • GAP insurance offered on all vehicle loans
  • Credit Life and Disability insurance offered on all vehicle loans

If you have a vehicle loan elsewhere, we are happy to refinance your loan at the credit union. This frequently reduces the rate, the payment, the term and saves you money.

Home Equity Loans

The equity in your home is probably your most important asset. You can use it as collateral on a loan for a variety of purposes: home improvements, auto Purchases, vacations, education for the children and more. We offer two kinds of Home Equity Loans.

Choose the term that matches your preference up to 15 years. Other features include:

  • Attractive fixed rates
  • No closing costs
  • Loan-to-value of up to 90%
  • Tax deductibility of interest (in most cases)
Home Equity Line of Credit
You will be given a credit limit and may borrow money when you need to. Pay it back and borrow again until the draw period for your loan expires. Other features include:

  • Variable rate interest can be as low as the Wall Street Journal prime rate
  • Interest is paid only on the amount borrowed
  • Payments include principal reduction so loan balance is paid down every month

Personal Loans
Car repairs? Weekend trip? Holiday expenses? Medical bill?

Almost everyone needs a little money now and then to get through a financial hardship. these small, short term loans are available to all members, even members with some blemishes in their credit histories. Usually these loans are structured for six to twelve months and payments are usually made by payroll deduction.

VISA Classic & VISA Platinum Credit Cards
Compared to many credit card programs this fixed rate program is extremely competitive. Credit limits are based on income and repayment ability. Other benefits include:

  • Worldwide acceptance (Notify us if traveling out of the country 317-962-8413)
  • Low, fixed annual percentage rates
  • No annual fee
  • Low minimum payments

Overdraft Protection
Everybody needs these services. You are busy and need access to your money and information wherever you are and whenever you want.

  • Fixed rate
  • Low minimum payment
  • Online and telephone access
  • Generous credit limits
Loan Calculator
This calculator will show you how much your loan payment will be and how much interest you will pay depending on whether you choose a bi-weekly or a monthly repayment plan.
Enter the principal balance owed:
(call your lender and ask for the current payoff amount)
Enter the annual interest rate percentage:
Enter the length (months) of the loan:
Select your payment preference:
Here is your payment amount:
This is how much interest you will pay:

The information provided by these calculators is intended for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to purport actual user-defined parameters or any offering for credit. The default figures shown are hypothetical and may not be applicable to your individual situation. Be sure to consult a financial professional prior to relying on the results.
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